WSAVA CE in Colombo, Sri Lanka

June 04, 2013 | Author: WSAVA | Category: Web News image2

78 veterinarians attended a two day WSAVA Continuing Education event organised by the Society of Companion Animal Practitioners (SCAP) on 29th and 30th April 2013 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The title of the seminar was Clinical Problem Solving in Small Animal Medicine presented by Dr Jill Maddison and Prof David Church from the Royal Veterinary College in the UK. The CE event was also a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the formation of SCAP

The course consisted of lectures, case discussions and a demonstration of how to perform a neurological examination (pictured). The seminar gave the Sri Lankan practitioners the skills to develop logical approaches to common clinical signs such as vomiting, diarrhoea, etc. It emphasised the importance of the history and clinical examination in case assessment and how to get the most from simple clinical pathology tests available. The message was clear and very valuable to developing countries like Sri Lanka that good medicine depends on good clinical thinking skills and not on sophisticated equipment.

The excellent presentation skills of both speakers kept the audience engaged throughout the two days and facilitated lively question and answer sessions. SCAP believe that the seminar raised the awareness of Sri Lankan vets that their knowledge was more important than modern equipment and hope it will encourage vets to engage in more continuing education in future. There are very encouraging signs this will be the case ‐ the spirit after the meeting was so high among the participants that SCAP were able to form a group of 10 vets to visit WSAVA 2014

Congress in South Africa! In addition, they requested SCAP to arrange study tours to Asian veterinary hospitals to assist develop benchmarks for Sri Lankan practices to aspire to. The SCAP organisers expressed their profound gratitude to WSAVA, the WSAVA sponsors – Bayer, Hills, Merck and Purina, the Royal Veterinary College and Drs Jill and David for assisting to revolutionise continuing education in Sri Lanka.